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Ruth Mariner


I'm a creative director and narrative designer, creating story-driven experiences within immersive technology (extended, virtual and augmented reality), and video games. I elevate creative concepts, ensure creative clarity and project alignment, and love finding story-solutions to all sorts of different problems.


My background is as an award-winning writer and director in opera and immersive theatre. Career highlights include Creative Director of the BBC Dream Prom, as well as writing & directing roles for Royal Academy of Music, The Royal Opera HouseEnglish National Opera. I have created experiences for museums & communities including The Museum of London, The Eden Project & British Red Cross. My projects have been featured on BBC Radio 3, ITV and Channel 4 news.


I now create experiences on the intersection of theatre, video games and film. As a narrative designer, I interweave narrative with other media in ways that elevate the unique qualities of each form, creating powerful storytelling experiences. As a creative director, I use my love of bold concepts and my understanding of environmental storytelling to create impact and immersion. 

Recent clients include XR Stories, indie game studio Idoz & Phops, and Aardman Animations.

I love to help companies by creating, elevating and clarifying story concepts.

To find out how you can use story to do more, book a free half-hour consultation.



Neue Kultur Stipendium 

Akademie Der Künste, Berlin | 2021
Develop Your Creative Practice Award

Arts Council England | 2021

Nomination, "Best Opera" 

Youth Audiences Music Award | 2020

"Best Opera"

Youth Audiences Music Award | 2018

Foundation Award

International Opera Awards | 2017/18

Creative Entrepreneurship Award

Amati Global Investors | 2017

Stephen Oliver Award

Stephen Oliver Foundation  | 2017

★★★★ "A remarkable new work" 

★★★★★ "A work of art."

“A multidisciplinarian, visionary, tour de force!”

“Plenty of originality.”

— Fringe Opera 
— Exeunt Magazine
— The Telegraph
— Opera Magazine

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